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What’s important to a buyer and the design trends for 2013- according to Seattle Times

I don't completely agree with this list produced by the Seattle Times. Some of the design trends they have mentioned are spot on. I have seen a lot of various countertops that are not granite….tthey are right, his seems to be on the out. Hardwoods are definitely becoming more and more sought after in all rooms except for the family room and bedrooms. It is just easier to clean and preserve the beauty of hardwoods. Carpet is easily stained or soiled by animals, kids, daily living.

Kitchen is ALWAYS number 1. I have to be careful, however, when I say that because I have walked into a house that just completed a 50k kitchen remodel and it's hideous- my clients think the kitchen needs to be gutted. So, updating your kitchen for yourself, incorporating very personal choices should be done for you to enjoy. If you're going to update your kitchen to gain a value to putting it on the market to sell, don't waste your money and hire a designer, or get some professional opinions from a realtor on what you're doing.

What else should you put money into? The master bathroom is 2nd on my list. The mortgage "payer" wants a nice bathroom. When walking through a dated home my clients are almost always calculating the kitchen remodel and the master bath remodel. The rest of the house can be tolerable over time, but those two rooms are more of an urgent matter.

3rd is the yard, or walk ability to a nice park. We live in Washington….it rains….a lot! When it's nice and sunny, or slightly bearable to enjoy the outdoors my clients want a space they can enjoy. 

New year brings new design trends for the home | Design Decor | The Seattle Times 1/18/13 1:48 PM

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Originally published Friday, January 4, 2013 at 8:00 PM

New year brings new design trends for the home

Simplicity, green are in.

As 2013 begins, let’s look forward, not back. Instead of reviewing what was popular last year, let’s look ahead and see what’s predicted to be hot.

We all have a specific style we prefer — some like traditional, some like contemporary, some like country and others like eclectic. That said, let’s see what the average homeowner likes best.

The countdown:

10. Kitchen: Clean and simple leads the pack, and that means contemporary style. Perhaps the preference indicates a need for a less-fussy life in the kitchen.

9. Countertop: Quartz composite is the top choice, and yes, it is replacing the great granite top. Quartz composite seems to be the best, no-maintenance finish.

8. Hardwood floors: This one has been coming for a while now, moving up as the floor of choice. There is a richness and beauty to a good hardwood floor that is timeless.

7. Glass backsplash: Not the same old, same old mosaic tile, but instead a glass and stone tile mosaic. The interest in this combination makes sense since it gives visual interest as well as texture. A back-painted solid glass backsplash also fits this theme, particularly in contemporary kitchens.

6. Simplicity for the sink: The double sink is out. The deep single sink is in.
5. Kitchen color: Deep gray, as in charcoal, is in. It is taking the place of — or at least competing

with — stainless steel.

4. Stone finish: Calacatta marble is the choice, and it’s one that works in both contemporary and traditional settings. It is especially popular in the bathroom.

3. Texture and sparkle: Accents of gold and/or silver with glossy glass tiles and nickel fixtures burst forth this year.

2. Multigenerational living and living longer on your own: Easy-to-work-in kitchens and safer baths are becoming very popular and are the cutting edge of this trend.

1. Healthy home: Green is in. Homes that are free of toxins and are more energy-efficient have been growing more and more popular, and have become the No. 1 priority for this year.


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